Global Accountancy Experts (GAE) is the premier guide to leading accountants throughout the world. We are the only organisation to recommend just one accountancy expert in each key practice area and country. We do this to avoid repetition, competition and the need for extensive comparative research.

All GAE endorsed accountants must be either recommended personally, apply, or be selected by Global Accountancy Experts’ research department before they are given the opportunity to feature and be profiled on the website. It is not possible to simply buy entry onto GAE. Applicants go through an intensive research process before being passed onto the Nominations Panel for final assessment and validation. Only then are accountants invited to join Global Accountancy Experts and thus be endorsed by our organisation.

Global Accountancy Experts has become a valuable tool for business leaders, high net-worth individuals, operations directors, investors, accountants, law firms, and the general population looking for quality accounting advice in all corners of the world and in all relevant fields. We now recommend nearly 1,000 accountants from 100 countries in 25 practice areas.

It’s often easy to assume bigger means better, but that is not always the case with accountancy firms; boutique practices specialise in just one field and as a result can often offer the same (if not better) advice on a more personal level at a typically lower hourly rate – Global Accountancy Experts looks at the independent accountants and accountancy firms as well as the full service ‘big players’ in the market to showcase an in-depth cross section of quality international advisers to suit a variety needs and budgets.

Anyone involved in business or independently may need to gain accounting advice at some juncture of their life. Our simple yet effective search system allows users to identify a credible accountancy adviser instantly for the field and geographical location required. GAE is designed to make the arduous process of searching for a competent accountant on a global level as straightforward as possible with no fees or delays.

The initial contact can often be the most difficult part of selecting a new accountant; GAE gives its users all the necessary details and information to get in touch with the relevant individual and firm. We therefore offer a valuable first step, without the need to spend valuable time and money on internal research as this has already been carried out by GAE’s extensive and experienced research teams.

We are regularly approached by companies and individuals from all over the world in a variety or sectors and circumstances looking for our help in choosing an accountant or accountancy firm. Typically accountants profiled on GAE are contacted by potential clients be it via phone or email – however visitors are more than welcome to contact us directly with their queries if they need additional assistance or advice in locating a relevant accountancy firm for their case, transaction or issue. Simply email and provide an overview of your query; someone will respond to you promptly and confidentially with the information needed or relevant contact person who can assist you moving forward.

Visitors to the site interested in being kept up to date on the accountancy community, practice area developments, people moves or jurisdictional accountancy updates can subscribe to our quarterly practice area electronic newsletters.

We are always happy to receive your views and feedback on the site to help improve our services and applications, if you have any suggestions, need any assistance or require any additional information please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to assist you moving forward.

Stephen Sweeney
Executive Director