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Batini Colombo Saottini
Riccardo Saottini
Via Alfredo Tornaghi, 59
20062 Cassano d’Adda Milan
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Batini Colombo Saottini was born as a professional partnership among Chartered Accountants with the aim to provide enterprises of the Milan area with administrative, accounting and tax assistance.
This strong territorial characteristic is still one of our point of strength since has allowed our professionals to form alliances and to set cooperations with economic, financial and administrative institutions of the area, as well as to acquire Clients of absolute domestic relevance; this, together with the attention paid to our corporate social responsibility program toward local non-profit organizations, has allowed Batini Colombo Saottini to be recognized today as a high level operator among the Italian panorama of firms providing accounting, tax, administrative, hr consulting and legal advisory services. Thanks to our apprenticeship policy we give the opportunity to several students from the high school and from the university studying economics and law, to become part of our high specialized team. We are always focused on local excellences for the integration of our human resources.
The direct and continuos contact with local enterprises and its local relevance, allowed Batini Colombo Saottini to become a landmark also for foreign enterprises needing assistance in Italy.
We advise foreign Clients on the best legal structure to be incorporated in Italy according to the business they intend to promote in our country: this has become a daily practice for us during the last years, in particular supporting multinational companies from around the world.
At the same time we advise domestic Clients who are making their business more international: they can rely on a single point of contact for all concerns accountings, tax, hr management and legal support without waisting precious resources in the very hard job of coordinating all professionals usually involved.
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